SimpleInvoices Time Tracking Extension

I have created a time tracking extension for SimpleInvoices and thought I would share it with the community.  This page was created to give a demonstration of the plugin and to give installation instructions.  You can download the extension here.

There will be no support for this extension, as I'm simply sharing to contribute to the community.  For comments/discussion please use the SimpleInvoice forum.

Create a Timer

Timetracker Create

Pick the customer to bill.  Choose the customer that you want to bill.

Pick the Invoice.  If the chosen customer has any outstanding invoices (not paid in full), you will be presented with a dropdown.  If the customer has paid all invoices, then a new invoice will be created.

Pick the product to use as an hourly rate.  Technically, you can choose any product you like.  However, since this extension is for hourly billing, it makes sense to choose an hourly rate product.

Enter the description.  This will be displayed as the description for the invoice line item.  I use this to describe the task.

Press the "start" button to begin tracking time.


Do Your Thing

Timetracker Time

The timer is stored in a session variable.  This allows you to work throughout SimpleInvoices and check the timer status by clicking on the Time Tracker tab.  As long as you don't close your browser (kill the session), the timer will remain intact.


Stop the Timer

Timetracker Invoice Preview

When you stop the timer, you will be redirected to the invoice preview.  The preview will either show an existing invoice that was updated or a new invoice that was created.


  1. Download the extension
  2. Extract the dowload and place the "timetracker" folder in the "extensions" directory
  3. Edit /includes/acl.php and add the following around line 40
    1. $acl->add(new Zend_Acl_Resource('timetracker'));
  4. Enable the extension (be sure the light is on)
  5. Make sure a default biller is set in the settings or invoice creation will fail!

Tags: development