What is a CMS and Do I Need One?

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows authorized users to login and create, edit, and delete content. This content consists of menus, pages/articles, and modules/widgets. Menus help the visitor navigate through your site, pages/articles are the main content of the site, and modules/widgets can include advertisement, announcements, popular content, etc.

Do I Need a CMS?

Here are a few questions I'll ask a potential client to determine the best software solution for their website:

  1. Does your business or organization have frequent changes that your customers or community will receive from your website?
    Examples of these changes include:
    • Announcements, Promotion, Sales, Specials
    • Service Availability
    • Events
  2. Would you like the ability to update your website in-house?

Those simple questions help me determine whether a CMS is required for a particular project. If the site is a infrequently updated, brochure website, I'll most likely stay away from the increased overhead of a CMS. While future scalability is a topic to discuss, my experience has been that sites, if done right the first time, rarely switch software solutions.

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